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Questions To Ask a Guy or Girl Over Text

If you are uncomfortable to talk to a girl or a guy then these questions are for you that you can ask over text without any hesitation. Just have a look at these Questions To Ask a Guy or Girl Over Text.

Questions To Ask a Guy or Girl Over Text

Where is your favorite place to go or distribute?

What is your favorite quote from a movie?

What are the most horrible things you can do for airplanes?

How many questions can you answer in the pictures?

Which app do I get on your phone?

What is the worst text sent by mistake?

What is the most interesting thing to spend/buy money on the internet?

What happens in real life, but movies are rarely shown?

Do you have the best “hidden gems”?

Do you hate the most on your phone?

Which website do you spend the most time with?

What is the fun casual call/text you ever gotten?

Did you know what is the most popular pickup line?

Send me a picture of where you are traveling.

Speak something with emoji.

If you have to leave one of your five senses, who will it be?

How do you see your whole day?

Can you answer the five questions with pictures only?

What do you remember most when you are a child?

What can you see again in the movie?

What do you do without killing the world for all the money?

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